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Pheasant Run Airport Aircraft Listing

Aeronca Champ
Aeronca Aircraft
Middletown, OH
1946N1255E This airplane has flown over 10,650 hours, mostly as an Army trainer. The engine is a 65hp Continental A-65-8.
Aeronca L16
Aeronca Aircraft
Middletown, OH
1946N81760 The L-16 was originally an Army Trainer which was later redesigned for civilian use. In 1996, Charles Reed restored this one to its original military configuration. The military L-16s were used in Korea, Vietnam, and Alaska. It has an 86hp Continental C-85-12 engine.
Baby Great Lakes Lou Murtha, Richard Becker
Pierpont, OH
1968N6067 Richard Becker, a well-known local pilot and air race participant, welded the primary structure. It was completed and flown by Lou Murtha, a P-51 fighter pilot in World War II. The aircraft is powered by a 65hp Continental A-65-8F engine.
Barnard New Standard
Barnard Aircraft
Syracuse, NY
1941NC29090 This New Standard is the only one ever built because the Barnard Company went out of business when the Army did not grant it a contract. The airplane was resstored by Pete DiRenzo, a Cleveland area pilot. The engine is a 135hp Kinner B-5.
Beech C45 (JRB) Beech Aircraft Corp.
Wichita, KS
1951, 1952N87689 & N87692 Chuck acquired these two aircraft from the former Benjamin O. Davis Aviation High School in Cleveland, OH. Some restoration was done at Pheasant Run. Both aircraft were donated to the Grimes Flying Lab Foundation of Urbana, OH. Read the story of Chuck's First Beech and the Two Beech Aircraft.
Bowers Fly Baby Bi-plane Smokovitz, Detroit
1975N747X Peter Bowers, a Boeing designer and chief engineere, created the design for this homebuilt aircraft. It has an 85hp Continental C-85-12 engine.
CGS Hawk Tandem
Geneva, OH
Corbin Baby Ace
Fleet Model 2 2008 story of accident
Fokker Tri-Plane
Charles Woerner
Geneva, OH
1967N1917W This is a replica of a WWI German tri-plane fighter aircraft best known as the plane flown by the "Red Baron". It was seen in "The Restorers". A 220hp Continental W670-6A engine powers this replica.
Howard Shelton S/N 4-1074
Cedar Edge, CO
1974N1917S This is a reproduction of the most successful fighter used by the British in WWI. It is powered by a 150hp Franklin S-4 engine. It appeared in "The Restorers", and "von Richthofen and Brown".
Interstate L6 (Cadet)
Interstate Manufacturing
El Sequndo, CA
1942N3661Z This airplane was General George Patton's personal aircraft used in World War II for observation purposes. It was sometimes armed with bazookas and grenades. It's powered by a 118hp Lycoming O-235 engine.
Junkers CL.I
Snow Aeronautical
1960N9426R This is one of three replicas built for the movie industry. The original CL.I was a German Air Force two-seat ground attach & escort fighter in WWI. It had three 7mm machine guns with two forward firing and one in a rear turret. It was one of the first all metal monoplanes and had no wing exterior bracing. The engine is a 250hp Continental W-670-240.
Luscombe 8A
Silvaire 8A
Meyers OTW
OTW Out to Win
Meyers Aircraft Company
Tecumseh, MI
1943N34356 The OTW ("Out to Win") was used a military trainers. Meyers Aircraft Company built 101 of these in Tecumseh, Michigan; this one is #101. Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe sat in this bi-plane for the filming of The Misfits. It has a 165hp Kinner R-56 engine.
Midget (Bushby) Mustang Joseph Vogt S/N 152
Geneva, OH
1968N9151 This homebuilt aircraft is designed for high-speed sport flying. It was acquired in 2011 and Chris Joles made several modifications to the design. It is powered by an 85hp Continental engine.
Miles & Atwood Special Lee Miles S/N 641
Tulsa, OK
1933N225Y This is a replica of the airplane thatn Lee Miles raced successfully from 1933 until 1936, when he had a fatal crash in Cleveland. This replica was in "The Restorers". It's powered by a 150hp Menesco C-45 Super Pirate engine.
Piper J3 Cub Piper Aircraft Co.
Lockhaven, PA
1946N6538H The Piper Cub is considered an icon in aviation because so many early pilots learned to fly in this aircraft. Ernest Hemingway's fondness for the Cub helped establish his popularity. The engine is a 65hp Continental A-65-8-F.
Piper J5
Ryan ST3-W Ryan Aeronautical
Hemut, CA
1942N53072 The ST3-Ws were used as World War II Army trainers. The high degree of skill needed for thee planes made them excellent transitional trainers for pilots progressing to larger aircraft. This aircraft appeard in the documentary "The Restorers". It is powered by a 175hp Warner Super Scarab engine.
Smith Miniplane DSA-1 Niebacker, Charles Reed
Madison, OH
1966N60CR This homebuilt is designed for aerobatic sport flying with a 65hp Continental C-65-8 engine.
Titan Tornado II

Some photos and text from 2013 Lake Erie College Pheasant Run Airport calendar.