Pheasant Run Airport - The First Beech (Almost)
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The First Beech (Almost) - October 1981

Chuck Reed has wanted a Model 18 Beech all his life. Shortly after he an I moved to Trask Road and completed the clearing of trees for the E/W runway, he heard of a Model 18 for sale and contracted to buy it "upon safe delivery." He intended for it to be flown to Lost Nation airport (KLNN, now Lake Co. Executive) and told the seller he'd meet the pilot there and together they'd fly it into Pheasant Run. Two days before the intended delivery, the owner called and said he had an experienced, certified pilot to "fly it in now." Unfortunately, Chuck was on a business trip and could not return in time that day to be in the Beech. He happened to call me, and I told him of the change in plans. He told me to tell the seller that he was NOT to have the plan come in until he could be with the pilot. The pilot had, however, already taken off and was only minutes from arrival here. The seller assured me that the pilot had thousands of hours in Model 18s.

Below are the picture that tell the story. The pilot achieved touchdown about 200' from the trees at the end of the 1,800' runway and tried to do a panic stop but lost control and went into the trees on the runway's north side. Since no money had changed hands under the "safe delivery" agreemenet, the insurance company eventually claimed the remains, but it took about two years for them to clear it out completely.

This was the first of three Beeches that would find a home heree, and all three ended up being "cleared out completely" before being refurbished.
This will take you to account of the other two Beeches.

Compiled by Gretchen Reed

Here's a copy of the NTSB Report for N8962A.